Lasik Eye Surgeon - Is Your Lasik Surgeon Competent?

If you are considering lasik eye surgery then the first thing you need establish is who your lasik surgeon is going to be.

Sounds pretty simple but in actual fact, the lasik eye surgeon is the most important part of the process and you should be vigilant in your research in finding one.

Lasik Surgeons

Are all lasik surgeons created equal? Truth is, there is a fine line between a good surgeon and an incompetent one. When you are dealing with your eyes, you have every right to be choosy.

Lasik is marketed quite heavily today and while it's proven to be a boon for people looking for improved vision, the simple fact is it is also big business and the last thing you need is to just be considered as another ring in the cash register.

A caring and skilled lasik surgeon is your primary objective. Let's take a look at some ways you can narrow down your selection process.

Getting Referrals

A great idea is to ask for referrals, such as from your regular eye care practitioner, who will be able to direct you towards the best surgeon in your area that would be able to take you on and complete the procedure for you.

Once you have found a likely candidate, you should have a list of questions prepared during your consultation period. Some of these questions may sound harsh initially but it's you who is going under the laser and it's your eyes which are at risk.

- how long they have been performing lasik procedure?

- how many total procedures have they performed?

- More importantly, how many successful procedures have they performed?

- what percentage of those patients achieved 20/20 vision or better?

- whether or not they have ever had malpractice insurance coverage denied?

- have they ever been convicted of a felony?

Many people are a little shy in asking the tough questions but you'll find a good quality and successful lasik eye surgeon will have no qualms about being asked. In fact, many welcome the opportunity to answer the tough questions.