Soy Milk: Alternative Milk for Allergic Kids

Parents must have knows the role of milk as a Healthy Eating for Kids. Milk is very good for helping a child's growth and brain development so that children can grow up and be able to think quickly. Until now parents know milk comes from cows or goats. They think milk comes from animals is the best milk for children. Moreover, the milk has been formulated into milk products that are currently being sold in the market.

Cow's milk is very good but parents, do you know that benefits of soy milk are good as cow milk? Maybe if you heard or read about soy milk better than cow's milk cause you do not believe it. But according to some research results, soy milk is very beneficial to the health of children as well as cow's milk.

Not all children like to drink cow's milk, sometimes some of the children suffered because of drinking cow's milk allergy. In some countries, cow's milk allergy sufferers achieve a range of 2.5 until 7.5% rate, it will keep rising. Generally the patients are children. If your child is allergic to cow's milk, soy milk you can give. Soy milk containing vegetable proteins do not make children allergic.

Soy milk contains no lactose, in contrast with cow's milk that contains lactose. Lactose is not good and very harmful for body. Soya milk good for children who suffer lactose intolerance is the combination of the clinical symptoms such as bloating, pain in stomach, fart frequently, and diarrhea after consuming products containing lactose.

Lactose-free soy milk and containing L-methionine, Taurine, Carnitine and iron supplement that help for nutritional needs of children. Also soy milk is also a source of high protein and contains calcium, vitamin D, fiber and iron supplement. Therefore, if your child is having trouble in drinking milk, you can provide soy milk as the best alternative for the kids.